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Alessio Boni and the director Pippo Puglia Mezzapesa, presenting his Pinuccio Lovero, Yes I can,

At  Selva di Fasano, to receive the Salento Finibus Terrae Award the actor Alessio Boni and the director Pippo Puglia Mezzapesa, presenting his Pinuccio Lovero, Yes I can, are guests of the festival.

Free admission subject to availability 

The program for tomorrow - Saturday, July 27 - the second part of the traveling festival Salento Finibus Terrae International Short Film Festival requires the presence of two big names of Italian cinema: the Apulian director Pippo Mezzapesa and   the actor Alessio Boni, former star of La meglio gioventù, Arrivederci amore ciao, a novel by Massimo Carlotto, but also unforgettable and mimetic character of biopic signed RaiUno, such as Caravaggio, Walter Chiari –fino all’ultima risata, and Puccini. 

The evening will be held tomorrow with free admission to availability, starting at 21:00 in the frame of Selva di Fasano (Brindisi), Via Toledo, with a screening of the documentary feature film Pinuccio Lovero, Yes I can, presented by the director Pippo Mezzapesa and the protagonist Pinuccio Lovero. It 's the "second part"- after Pinuccio Lovero, dream of a midsummer death- of the story of the protagonist, undertaker by vocation, who decides to run for municipal elections at Bitonto. To shoot the scene of the election campaign, the young Apulian director has spent a whole day lying in a hearse, cruising the streets of the town. About the film it has been written that it is "a poetic, amused (and really fun), fragile, honest portrait, and out of the rhetoric of the Italian province and its eccentric characters. A little gem that exudes all the sensitivity of the author, in love with this little world.” The director Pippo Mezzapesa, debuted in 2001 with his first short film Lido Azzurro, to reach his feature debut in 2011 with Il paese delle spose infelici, adapted from the novel by Mario Desiati. Recently he was nominated for the David di Donatello for Best Short Film for Settanta, a portrait of a special day in the shadow of the Ilva smokestacks, in the district of Taranto. 

At 22:30 the projections of ReeLove section, dedicated to the comedies of love with the American Detour, by Takashi Doscher: in Atlanta a taxi driver is forced to change his plans when he decides to bring an unlikely passenger. Afterwards, the Italian Shame and Glasses, by Alessandro Riconda, the story of Mirko that must face his greatest fear: wear glasses! In closing, the short film Erinnerungen an den Sommer, by the German Friedrich Tiedtke, a woman remembers the first experience of love, realizing the true meaning only after a long time. At the beginning of the evening, a screening of the short film Bimbi in rete, by  Marco Limberti, shown every night of the festival, which warns parents of children  knowing people on the net, played by Franco Trentalance. 

Among the guests present in the projection room, Margherita Buy, Maria Sole Tognazzi, Alessia Barela and Fabrizia Sacchi, who on Sunday will present Viaggio sola, in the frame of Borgo Egnatia, where the film was shot. 

The festival, now in its eleventh edition, which is held until Sunday, July 28 in the Salento areas, is the brainchild of the director Romeo Conte, who has managed to over the years create a combination of Cinema and Salento land, full of incredible natural landscapes that are well suited to wonderful movie sets. "The characteristic of this independent festival – Conte says - is to welcome all movie operators in Apulia, hosting them in places of great beauty and tradition, as well as projecting today’s and tomorrow’s new talents films in squares”
Salento Finibus Terrae occurs within the festival circuit Stefano Ricci exhibition dedicated to the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, the third part of a collection that is inspired by the art world. After paying homage to the surrealism of René Magritte and the homage to  the contemporary Scottish painter Jack Vettriano hosted at Borgo Egnatia during the last edition of the Festival, Filippo Ricci, creative director of the company, has chosen the unique heritage of the most important Italian museums  selecting seventeen self-portraits that are a further proof of the immeasurable wealth of the Florentine museum and heritage that will be exhibited at Borgo Egnatia, during the final stage of Salento Finibus Terrae.

The Salento Finibus Terrae International Short Film Festival is sponsored by: town  of Fasano - Department of Culture, the Mayor Lello Di Bari and the councillor Laura De Mola. Town of San Vito dei Normanni - Department of Culture, the Mayor Alberto Magli and the Councillor for Culture Giuseppe Di Viesto.
The festival is patronised by UNICEF and UNESCO.
Main sponsors: Baume & Mercier, Stefano Ricci, TWWW.IT.
Sponsors: Euphidra, Adelina Scalzotto - Handmade jewelry, BancApulia.
Partners: Tenute Rubino, Borgo Egnatia, Masseria Relais del Cardinale, Sierra Silvana, Ex-Fadda L’Officina del Sapere, Laguna Blu, Consorzio Valle d’Itria.
Media Partners: Iris Mediaset, Empire Italia- TWWW.IT,, Italia della Cultura, Graffio

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