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Mastronardi, Finocchiaro, Bonaiuto, Marescotti, Colangeli:  the prizewinners at the festival with the prestigious Sa.Fi.Ter., on the last day of the event.

The actors and actrices Alessandra Mastronardi, Donatella Finocchiaro, Anna Bonaiuto, Ivano Marescotti,  Giorgio Colangeli closed the 10th edition of the festival last night at the Arena Don Tonino Bello, San Vito dei Normanni (Brindisi): Ten days, 150 short films for 8 sections, in 5 towns; 3 exhibitions and 50 guests (directors, actors, scriptwriters).” The 10th edition , said the art director Romeo Conte, was magical, with so many guests  and people who followed us in this tour.  The public honours  movies and culture where politicians are unwilling. In this period of  heavy crisis, we have accepted this challenge to celebrate the 10th anniversary with the mission to carry on the young directors’ aspirations, who often meet difficulties to be known. Furthermore, a great tribute to Ugo Tognazzi who told Italy in every facet of its. The 11th edition will take place from 20th to 28th July 2013”.
The final evening starts at 9p.m. with the projection of the shorts winners of the section Corti Italia:
  • “Corti” , by Angelo Cretella, with Leo Gullotta, is the story of a a southern small village whose protagonist is Mimmo, 8,  who always wants his hair cut;   this film has won   the special prize of Unicef Jury.
  • “Jody delle giostre”, by Adriano Sforzi, is  about  Jody, a “roundabout” child in an Italian hamlet; the film won the Streamit prize for the best direction.
  • “La sera prima”, by Massimo Fallai, won the prize as best film, and Giorgio Colangeli, the protagonist, will receive the prize as best actor.

The evening performance closed with “Ritratto di mio padre”, by Maria Sole Tognazzi, a special event with a film dedicated to Ugo Tognazzi telling the private and professional life of the great Italian actor and director, which gets news from  big archives of videos, films and interviews.

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