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The traveling festival closes the eleventh edition with a special event for the film Viaggio sola in Borgo Egnatia in the presence of the director Maria Sole Tognazzi and the actresses Margherita Buy, Alessia Barela and Fabrizia Sacchi. 

Last day tomorrow - Sunday, July 28 - the eleventh edition of the traveling festival Salento Finibus Terrae International Short Film Festival. Big event in the beautiful location of Borgo Egnatia Savelletri, Fasano (Brindisi), with the evening invitations and the screening of the feature film Viaggio sola, with the presence of the director, Maria Sole Tognazzi and the cast, including Margherita Buy - recently awarded the David di Donatello- Alessia Barela and Fabrizia Sacchi. After Le fate ignoranti and Saturno contro the great return of the couple Buy / Accorsi, here directed in a film that focuses on an unusual female figure - the dreaded customer incognito logging, who evaluates and judges the standards of the luxury hotels - the struggling with love, friendship, work, family, and the doubt that freedom borders with loneliness. The film, shot in large part in the white frame of Borgo Egnatia, has received the approval of the public and critics, and will be the subject of a Hollywood remake, just as announced by the director, Ugo Tognazzi’s daughter. Following the award ceremony for the best short films of the sections Reelove, the comedies of love and Corto Italy. During the evening the  Salento Finibus Terrae Awards will also be delivered to the  guests, and Maria Sole Tognazzi and Margherita Buy will receive the gift of a prestigious Baume et Mercier, as well as handmade jewelry Adelina Scalzotto, gifts from Tenute Rubino and the company cosmetics Euphidra. "Viaggio Sola - says director - is the story of a woman who has spent forty years old, who has no children nor a stable job, but does not feel like a failure for this, indeed, is fully satisfied. In a nutshell, a concept almost revolutionary, because if a woman is still single at forty, had no children and is anxious not to get one even at the cost of finding the wrong man or an anonymous inseminator, if this woman has a job she loves, but that has prevented it from building a nest, a family, you can be sure that everyone will sing the litany of devastation, which will accompany the rest of her life: hurry up and find a man and have a child, because this seems to be the only recipe for happiness. " 

The Festival - free admission to availability - is the brainchild of the director Romeo Conte, who has managed to over the years create a combination of Cinema and Salento land, full of incredible natural landscapes which are well suited to wonderful film sets . The festival, celebrated in fact - in the prestigious location of San Vito dei Normanni, Savelletri, Torre Canne, Selva di Fasano and Borgo Egnatia - the new talents of Italian and international cinema and, as always, welcomes all authors, directors and actors who engage in the craft of filmmaking with skill, passion and courage. "The characteristic of this independent festival - said Romeo Conte - is to welcome all movie operators in Apulia  hosting them in places of great beauty and tradition, as well as projecting today’s and tomorrow’s new talents films in squares in squares "

The Salento Finibus Terrae International Short Film Festival is sponsored by: town  of Fasano - Department of Culture, the Mayor Lello Di Bari and the councillor Laura De Mola. Town of San Vito dei Normanni - Department of Culture, the Mayor Alberto Magli and the Councillor for Culture Giuseppe Di Viesto.
The festival is patronised by UNICEF and UNESCO.
Main sponsors: Baume & Mercier, Stefano Ricci, TWWW.IT.
Sponsors: Euphidra, Adelina Scalzotto - Handmade jewelry, BancApulia.
Partners: Tenute Rubino, Borgo Egnatia, Masseria Relais del Cardinale, Sierra Silvana, Ex-Fadda L’Officina del Sapere, Laguna Blu, Consorzio Valle d’Itria.
Media Partners: Iris Mediaset, Empire Italia- TWWW.IT,, Italia della Cultura, Graffio

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